90's Neon Interior Mood Lights

Sale price$72.00 NZD
Style: Arrow Hearts + USB Gooseneck


Built and created by SakuraStyle! Introducing our 90's neon interior mood lights, a nostalgic yet modern accessory designed to bring a touch of the '90s Japanese style to your car's interior.

The USB power ensures compatibility with a wide range of devices, allowing you to conveniently power the light through your car's USB port, a power bank, or any USB-enabled outlet. Simply plug in and illuminate your car interior with a warm, ambient glow.

With a built-in dial, you can effortlessly control the brightness level to suit your preference. For precise adjustments, a small flathead screwdriver is recommended, ensuring ease of use and customization tailored to your desired ambiance.

Additionally, the Retro USB-Powered JDM Interior Light boasts a flexible silicone gooseneck, allowing you to easily adjust the light's position for optimal illumination in your car. Whether you prefer it angled towards the dashboard, centre console, or any other spot, the gooseneck design ensures flexibility and convenience in finding the perfect lighting setup.

More styles coming soon...

What's Included?

1x Neon Mood Light

1x Rubber Silicone USB Gooseneck

PSA: These are not a toy. Please be extremely gentle at all times when installing and adjusting them in your car. Enjoy them!