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Highway Fuji Cruiser's (Pack 1)

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SakuraStyle Mini Highway Fuji Cruisers Pack 1!

Inspired by Japan

Customized for you. Choose your favorite car, Mount were ever you please, Plug into USB port, Away you go! Slim unique design. Looks incredible at night. (Different vehicles coming soon) 

Choose between our 3 new colors, White, Blue, Yellow.

How to Install?

Our Highway Cruisers are brought to life with a micro USB cable! You can place them in your car or even on your desk! Take your cruiser where ever you want. Micro usb now included!

Screen size - 25mm x 25mm


Shipping & Returns

If your item arrives damaged/not working, Please get in contact with us via Instagram or email! And we will send you a replacement under proof that the item is broken.

Care Instructions

Caution: Please be extremely gently when applying your SakuraStyle LED or Dash Pal. Never pull on the cable directly. This is not a toy to be played with. Treat it kindly!