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Neon Window Moon

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All new LED JDM Moon! 12v Accessories Plug Powered

Our SakuraStyle Moon's are one of a kind! With custom made LED's, Make your car stand out from the rest. You wont find these anywhere else!

Super easy to install, Simply plug's into your 12v cigarette port, Run your cable to whatever window you desire with enough length to reach all the way to the boot!

Super efficient remote controller included for easy toggle on/off

8 built in flashing/dancing modes and 1-100 brightness dimming.

3 Meters in cable length

Track use only or while parked ;)

Size: 100mm x 100mm

Shipping & Returns

If your item arrives damaged/not working, Please get in contact with us via Instagram or email! And we will send you a replacement under proof that the item is broken.

Care Instructions

Caution: Please be extremely gently when applying your SakuraStyle LED or Dash Pal. Never pull on the cable directly. This is not a toy to be played with. Treat it kindly!