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Pixel Panels

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SakuraStyle's Pixel Panels!

Introducing Pixel Panels, the revolutionary window panel lighting system, perfect for making an unforgettable statement in your vehicle. Combining USB-powered comfort with a sophisticated app boasting 1000's of preloaded images and gifs, you can customize your car's look with the utmost ease.

Use your Smartphone to download, edit and create! IOS/Android Supported

Create your own custom visuals with a simple plug-and-play setup. Astonish your friends and passers-by with vibrant visuals, perfectly visible even through tinted glass. Make a statement with Pixel Panels.

🟢 Plug and play (USB)

🟢 Supplied 3M Super Adhesive Tape 

🟢 3 meters cable length

🟢 12v accessories plug for USB included

Display screen size - 18cm x 9cm (180mm x 90mm)

Shipping & Returns

If your item arrives damaged/not working, Please get in contact with us via Instagram or email! And we will send you a replacement under proof that the item is broken.

Care Instructions

Caution: Please be extremely gently when applying your SakuraStyle LED or Dash Pal. Never pull on the cable directly. This is not a toy to be played with. Treat it kindly!