Pixel Panels

Sale price$75.00 AUD

Introducing Pixel Panels, the revolutionary window panel lighting system, perfect for making an unforgettable statement in your vehicle. Combining USB-powered comfort with a sophisticated app boasting 1000's of preloaded images and gifs, you can customize your car's look with the utmost ease.

Easily establish a Bluetooth connection with your Apple or Android device through the dedicated App to access a host of exciting features. Enjoy the freedom of Free-draw and Free-text display, effortlessly upload your personal images or GIFs, or explore an extensive online library brimming with a multitude of user-generated GIFs. Embrace unparalleled customization that knows no bounds, right at your fingertips.

Experience the versatility of our Custom Sakura86Style LED panels, which can be effortlessly repositioned numerous times and require no complex installation process. Just plug the USB into a power source, download the app, and you're all set to embark on a lighting journey. Plus, we include spare 3M Tape for your convenience, allowing you to apply the screen multiple times with ease.

⚪️ Plug and play (USB)

⚪️ Supplied 3M Super Adhesive Tape 

⚪️ 3 meters cable length

⚪️ 12v accessories plug for USB included

Display screen size - 18cm x 9cm (180mm x 90mm)