Poketto Panels

Sale price$65.00 AUD
Color: Pink

Elevate your presence with our SakuraStyle Poketto LED Panels. Unleash your creativity by showcasing text, importing captivating gif animations, and crafting your very own designs. The potential for uniqueness knows no bounds. Stand out and make a statement like never before!

Our Poketto Panels can be used anywhere you like, Whether that be in your vehicles window/dash or even on your desk! Its up to you. Each panel has a built in battery that can be charged up for hours of constant display before running out of juice, Or you could leave it plugged in for maximum use with no downtime! (recommended) Our panels get power with the suppled 3 meters braided USB cable in your kit, Giving it enough length to reach anywhere in your vehicle! 

Yes! Of course it can. Scan the QR Code supplied in the instruction manual or the QR Code on the back of your panel to download the IOS/Android friendly app! Connect your panel on the app and enjoy browsing hundreds of images/animations! You can even create your own text and drawings.

⚪️ LED Poketto Panel

⚪️ 3 Meter braided USB cable

Panel Size - 92mm x 18mm