Rx7 Seaside Drive

Sale price$40.00 AUD
Color: Yellow

Introducing the Rx7 Seaside Drive, a creation crafted by us and inspired by the beauty of Japan. Elevate your nightly drives with the all-new Seaside Rx7 Dash Screen, designed to immerse you in the calming views of the ocean, now enhanced with the symbolic rising sun to top off the experience.

Meticulously drawn and coded by Sakura86Style, this dash screen isn't just a display; it's a journey into the heart of Japanese aesthetics.

Exciting news: now you can enhance your experience with the option to purchase a stand. Display the Seaside Rx7 Dash Screen not only in your car but also on your desk, bringing the serene vibes wherever you go.

Installation is a breeze – bring your mini screen to life with the included micro USB cable. Whether you're cruising the streets or settling in at your desk, the Seaside Rx7 Dash Screen is your passport to a tranquil escape.

Screen size - 25mm x 25mm