SakuraStyle LED Panel Slap

Sale price$50.00 AUD
Colour: White

Elevate your night-time driving experience with our cutting-edge LED Slaps! Give your car window a distinctive and stylish upgrade that sets you apart during your night cruises, whether you're rolling with the squad or enjoying some solo time.

Our LED Panels are not just a visual delight; they're also incredibly sleek, paper-thin, and 100% flexible. With two dynamic modes – Flashing for an attention-grabbing vibe and Solid for a refined look – these panels add a personalized touch to your vehicle.

Wondering how to light up your ride? It's as simple as plug-and-play! Just connect the LED Slaps to any 5v USB port, choose your preferred window, peel off the double-sided tape on the panel, stick it on, and tidy up the cable. Voilà! Your car is now transformed into a mobile light spectacle.

Make a statement and be the centre of attention on the road. Upgrade your night-time drives with our LED Slaps.

What's included.

⚪️ 1x LED Panel Slap

⚪️ 1x 3 Meter cable with USB plug

Panel Size

200mm x 60mm